Die Titel der World Distributors LGB

Diese Titel sind mindestens bei World Distributors erschienen. Die Nummerierung der ersten 40 Hefte stammt von der Titelliste auf der hinteren Umschlaginnenseite.

LGB 1 Tom and Jerry meet Little Quack
LGB 2 Saggy Baggy Elephant
LGB 3 Poky Little Puppy
LGB 4 Goodnight Little Bear
LGB 5 Horses
LGB 6 The Animals of Farmer Jones
LGB 7 Woody Woodpecker takes a Trip
LGB 8 Tawny Scawny Lion
LGB 9 A. B. C. Rhymes
LGB 10 Old Mother Hubbard

LGB 11 The Happy Little Whale
LGB 12 Baby’s First Book
LGB 13 Bugs Bunny
LGB 14 The Lively Little Rabbit
LGB 15 The Three Bears
LGB 16 Wild Animal Babies
LGB 17 My Teddy Bear
LGB 18 Old Macdonal
LGB 19 The Road Runner – Tumbleweed Trouble
LGB 20 The Fuzzy Duckling

LGB 21 Happy Golden A. B. C.
LGB 22 Mother Goose
LGB 23 Three Little Kittens
LGB 24 The New Puppy
LGB 25 Pink Panther in Canyon Capers (auch: The Pink Panther)
LGB 26 The Gingerbread Man
LGB 27 Little Red Riding Hood
LGB 28 Juggle With Me
LGB 29 Animals on the farm
LGB 30 Tootle

LGB 31 Lassie
LGB 32 The Kitten who Thought He was a Mouse
LGB 33 Chiclen Little
LGB 34 Rupert the Rhinoceros
LGB 35 The Shy Little Kitten
LGB 36 Corky
LGB 37 Tom and Jerry
LGB 38 Bugs Bunny’s Carrot Machine
LGB 39 Woody Woodpecker — Shoots the Works
LGB 40 Tweety and Sylvester — Picnic Problems

ohne Nr. M.G.M.’s Tom and Jerry — Trouble in Transit
ohne Nr. Scuffy the Tugboat
ohne Nr. The Road Runner — A Very Scary Lesson
ohne Nr. New Friends for the Saggy Baggy Elephant
ohne Nr. M.G.M.’s Tom and Jerry — Kangaroo Wrangle